What is Wytwornia Antidotum teaching method?

Our uniquely authored programme is designed in a way participants can master the technical problems most effectively. However, we leave a lot of space to enable our students find their own original form of expression.

We teach techniques – which means we show how to do things. The final result is entirely up to you. Even the shortest workshops contain enough knowledge to let you master your skills at home or in your studio. We give you the tools and show how to find original creative solutions.

The programme of the course includes: practice under specialists’ supervision, lectures aiming at increasing sensitivity to the art of jewellery making, participation in goldsmithing-related events such as fairs, exhibitions and private views, through which the students have the opportunity to see the latest trends and accomplishments of renowned jewelers. We also organize competitions, which help raise the fighting spirit and increase creativity of our trainees.

We not only teach, we also try to introduce our students to the market and help them create their unique brand. We promote our best trainees and help them receive membership in elite creative associations.