Profiled short-term courses

In this section you will find information about our courses, which focus on particular techniques. Basically, they vary in length, however the minimum course load is about 20 hours. Some of the courses require previous experience, other courses are suitable for everyone at any level of experience. If you are not sure which course to go for, get in touch and we will guide you! 


This workshop will give you knowledge on the properties and durability of amber. We will teach you how to…
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Glass enamels

The course of glass enamels focuses on learning how to decorate jewelry surface with coloured glass coating. The colour…
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Casting workshop

During this workshop we will show you how to prepare and cast your own silver piece. Aside from giving…
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Steel workshop

This workshop will present you with the use of steel in jewelry making. You will learn how to join…
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Advanced Goldsmithing Workshop

During this workshop we will show you how to prepare gold alloys on your own and how to make…
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