Jewellery classes one-on-one

Jewellery one-on one classes with a professional jewellery designer
Classes one-on-one are a great idea to start an adventure of learning how to create jewellery!

If you are not sure whether creating jewelry is a topic for you, you don’t need to enrol on a long course to try it. You can try out various activities from the palette of our weekend courses at any convenient time and in the range that interests you: techniques related to traditional metal processing as well as various decorative and specialized techniques dedicated to specific jewelery materials. We also teach jewellery creative techniques using fabrics and ready-made elements, such as soutache.

As one-on-one classes, we especially recommend:

Three-dimensional soutache

A unique technique combining the precision of the soutache pattern with nature-inspired motifs: three-dimensional, intricate trinkets, a decorative element of earrings and necklaces, reminiscent of creatures from the deep sea , drawn in the early twentieth century by the German biologist Ernst Heackel. Secrets of the three-dimensional technique of soutache will be shared with you by Alina Tyro-Niezgoda, the author of the “Soutache – step forward” tutorial collection. The necklace made in this technique, won the first prize in the Royal Stone competition – Underwater world. Other tutorials, including a tutorial for Royal Stone, can be seen here on Pinterest.


Hairball cutting for beginners.
Hairpin cutting is a great way to start the adventure of learning to create jewelry. No starting skills are required here: just a little patience to use a thin ball like a hair to change a simple metal plaque into an intriguing openwork. After a few moments of hard work, with the help of a teacher, it is enough to attach a pin and go out with ready earrings! Cutting hairpin is the basis for all jewelery activities.

Classes in private mode are also a way to join a professional course of jewelry making at any time. It is enough to discuss with the teacher the scope of the program, which was omitted and to align the practical issues discussed during the course in individual classes.

We assume that the amount of compensating hours is about 1/3 of the number of lost hours of the course, because individual classes are more effective and allow for faster acquisition of the material than classes conducted for the group.

Persons joining the semester course after its commencement pay the course fee with deduction of lost hours. The cost of one hour of individual classes is PLN 170.

Write to us, if you want to learn more!