Write us an email on zapisy@antidotum.pl so we can answer all your questions. We can help you choose the right course in accordane with your preferences and budget.

As soon as you enroll, we send you all the necessary documents and that’s it… We are looking forward to see you in our studio!

There are no requirements. All you need is a can-do attitude, patience and accident insurance (ask our admin staff for help).

We give VAT invoices.

Our activity has been entered in District Labour Office register of training institutions under number 2.14/00177/2006.

Yes, our cooperation with Santander Consumer Bank has given way to convenient installment plan for our courses. Also, the tools and materials purchased in our shop can be paid on the installment plan.

All the formalities are taken care of on the spot by our school’s admin section.

Most of the necessary materials are included in the price unless we mention the additional costs in the description.

The prices given on our websites always include VAT.

We have designed our courses in a way that lets you have a couple of sick days off or go on holiday without the risk of failing the course.

Our professional course is divided into separate term modules. After completing one term, you can have a longer break and come back when it’s most convenient.

All the courses are held at Willowa 8/37 in Warsaw.

Gemmological courses are held at the Polish Gemmological Association Headquarters at Marszałkowska 138 in Warsaw.

Our spacious studio consists of five rooms: lecture room with a projector, where we hold hobby courses, drawing and Art-Clay classes; room for repousse, engraving and historical reenactment, and 3 workshop rooms with twenty-four fully equipped benches. There are many specialized tools for all our students to use: a press, a combination ring stretcher/reducer/bender, a grindstone, a polishing machine, a bench drill press, a jeweller’s table saw, torches, vices and guillotine shears. In the engraving, repoussé and chasing workshop you will also find microscopes and tools produced by our partner-manufacturers following our design guidelines. All of needed materials and tools can also be purchased on site, in the WA Shop.

Our studio contains well-equipped library, bar, relaxing space, admin section and a shop where all the necessary materials are stocked. Our uniquely authored manuals and guidebooks are also available on purchase. Our students get a special discount for all the materials.

You can shop in the school or online at www.antidotum.scx.pl.

Each of our courses can be taught individually. The tutor is focused exclusively on one trainee. A great advantage of individual course is that the course can be adapted according to the student’s needs in terms of the programme as well as the dates and duration of the classes,

A 1-hour class does not cost more than any other additional classes. In addition, the cost might be even smaller thank to our cooperation with Santander Consumer Bank.

Write us on zapisy@antidotum.pl to find out more.

Our students get a certificate upon completion of every level of training. After the 2nd and the 4th term stage exams are carried out. The final exam is organised after the 6th term. Having passed the exam, trainees may obtain a certificate printed on MEN paper.

Ministry of Education certificates are available only after professional goldsmithing courses (group or individual). The other courses guarantee Antidotum Studio Certificates.

Our activity has been entered in District Labour Office register of training institutions under number 2.14/00177/2006. Trainees registered with the Labour Office may apply for a refund of the costs of the course.

The groups are usually of between 4 to 8 people. The classes take place in the afternoon, once a week, 4 hours each; or on the weekend in the afternoon. One term equals 80 clock hours (aside from term 6 – 60 hours)

We also run Term-in-a-Month Courses over a period of 4 weeks/3 days a week and Intensive Summer Courses 5 days a week, 6 hours each.

Each of the courses can be taught individually (Lampwork Course is tutored individually only by Elisabetta Capello).

We want you to help us develop best ways of learning, making best use out of your potential, possibilities and commitment. We want you to be contented at the end of each course.

To find out about all the available course options and make the right choice, write us on zapisy@antidotum.pl. We will be more than happy to help you make the right decision.

Our uniquely authored programme is designed in a way participants can master the technical problems most effectively. However, we leave a lot of space to enable our students find their own original form of expression.

We teach techniques – which means we show how to do things. The final result is entirely up to you. Even the shortest workshops contain enough knowledge to let you master your skills at home or in your studio. We give you the tools and show how to find original creative solutions.

The programme of the course includes: practice under specialists’ supervision, lectures aiming at increasing sensitivity to the art of jewellery making, participation in goldsmithing-related events such as fairs, exhibitions and private views, through which the students have the opportunity to see the latest trends and accomplishments of renowned jewelers. We also organize competitions, which help raise the fighting spirit and increase creativity of our trainees.

We not only teach, we also try to introduce our students to the market and help them create their unique brand. We promote our best trainees and help them receive membership in elite creative associations. We show what fair participation consists in.

Our students get the opportunity to present their work before the end of the course on fairs in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Kraków.

Our studios are open to our students on weekdays between 12-5pm. This is a perfect opportunity to practice the newly acquired skills or finish off an ongoing project.

We organize lectures on the history of jewellery, design, marketing, promotion and other relevant subjects. We invite renowned jewellery makes and experts in order to stimulate our students’ creativity, inspire new projects and encourage our trainees to set up their own jewellery brands.

The lectures are held on weekends. They are free of charge for the studio students.

Our students get the opportunity to present their work at the school stall on the most important jewellery fairs in Poland such as Amberif Fair in Gdańsk, GOLD SILVER TIME fair in Warsaw and JUBINALE Summer Jewellery and Watches Trade Fair in Kraków. This is a great chance to meet gallery owners and other jewellery makers.

We make sure that works by our students are showcased within the AMBERIF Fair in Gdańsk, GOLD SILVER TIME fair in Warsaw and JUBINALE Summer Jewellery and Watches Trade Fair.

Each course ends with an exhibition of our students’ work. The event is held either in our studio or in a partner gallery.

Wytwórnia Antidotum is partnered by Olissima Gallery.


Our students get 10 % off on most of the materials and tools available in our shop. Our manuals are on an even better offer for our trainees. The course participants get up to 23 % discount for hobby courses.

Competitions are organised twice a year.

  1. Fresh Metal Competition for our trainees and students from Florence’s Le Art Orafe School.
  2. Play Metal Clay, open to all jewellery makers, not limited to Metal Clay technique.

Further information on the upcoming editions will be available on our website and on Facebook. Have a look at the previous editions on our Pinterest profile: www.pinterest.com/wytwantidotum/

Our student can rely on us in terms of pedagogical, technical support when preparing for other competitions. We also grant access to our studio within available working space.