About the school


In Wytwornia Antidotum Jewellery School we believe that staying focused at manual work in a creative environment is an antidote to today’s rush and lonely hours spent in front of the computer screen. That is why we called our school The Antidote Manufactory!


Our studio was established in 2006 and since then it operates in the center of Warsaw’s Mokotów district. Wytwornia Antidotum Jewellery School was the first private jewelry design and craft school in the history of modern Polish goldsmithery. It was created by enthusiasts and active jewelry designers. Many of our graduates have joined the Association of Goldsmithing Artists, founded their own jewelry brands and successfully exhibited their projects at Polish and international fairs.


We focus on traditional manual methods of jewellery manufacturing. Most of the elements, that some of the designers buy ready made – we aim do to at our own. We do support our designing with computer modelling, but we do not run jewellery CAD courses. In Wytwórnia Antidotum it’s all about handmade!


Our spacious studio consists of five rooms:
  • three workshop rooms with twenty-four fully equipped benches
  • room for engraving workshops
  • lecture room with a projector, where we hold  classes of Art-Clay jewellery, beading workhops and other cratf-jewellery courses

There are many specialized tools for all our students to use: a press, a combination ring stretcher/reducer/bender, a grindstone, polishing machine, a bench drill press, a jeweller’s table saw, torches, vices and guillotine shears. Fot the students who want to aquire tools and materials of their own, all the necessary items can be purchased in the school shop. Our uniquely authored manuals and guidebooks are also available to buy in our online shop. Our students get a special discount on their purchase.

Our studio space contains also a well-equipped library and little lounge space with tea and coffe bar.


Wytwórnia Antidotum team consists of professional goldsmiths with with many years of teaching experience, craftsmen and practitioners associated with the art of jewellery making.