Make your jewellery design with our help

Jewellery school in Warsaw will help you make your jewellery design

You do have jewelry design on your mind, but you don’t know how to implement it? Come to our studio, we can do it together!

Write to us and describe your idea, so we can think of a course programme, that will enable you to make your design yourself. We will also discuss the design and adjust the project assumptions to your skills or plan your skills development. Then, our tutor will help you master the technique – under his care you will prepare your piece step by step.

We understand that you may not feel like learning how to create jewelry from A to Z – that’s what we propose at our PRO course. If your goal is to implement a specific idea, we will adapt the topic of the lesson only to the extent needed to implement your intention.

Before we start, we’d estimate how many hours will be needed to complete your project. This will help you to plan the budget for your course. The cost of the workshop will be based on the number of hours spent in the studio – just as we do with private tuition.

Contact us to make an appointment! We will adjust the hours of classes to your obligations.