During this workshop we will show you how to prepare and cast your own silver piece. Aside from giving you the theory, the workshop will consist of three main parts:

  • Making a wax model to be cast using the lost wax casting method,
  • Making a unique casting with carved cuttlebone,
  • Making a casting of an organic, “natural” object. To do this, prepare the object that will be turned to cast. These may be a twig from a tree, a piece of wood, a dried flower (the object should be “dense”, too delicate ones won’t work), interesting seeds or pods, seashells, bones, pasta etc. The object of your choice has to fit a plane of 3x3cm. The object will be transformed into silver, but will be lost in the process, so you should choose something you will not mind losing.

The casting will be prepared using a molding compound. We will show you how to sprue your model. You will also learn about all the equipment and the theory behind making your own castings.

This workshop is intended for 2-4 persons.

Duration: 18 hours in total, 3 days, 6 hours per day (the workshops will be divided into two parts, 3 hours each, with a meal break as follows: 11:00-14:00 and 15:30-18:30),

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All materials are included in the price.

Instructors: Marcin Bogusław

Requirements: None

Price: 515 USD

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