Frou Frou

Behind the FROU FROU brand is Jolanta Gazda. I write about myself – a would-be mathematician, costume design on vacation … now he is looking for interesting goldsmiths. She learned the goldsmith’s profession in the Wytwórnia Antidotum under the watchful eye of professionals: Remek Grodzicki, Piotr Małysz and Kacper Schiffers. During the jewelery designing course at Wytwórnia a characteristic motif for the Frou Frou brand was created – openwork wire lace, which is the basis for different shapes of necklaces, earrings and rings.Most of the Frou Frou collection is a crocheted jewelry made of silver wire. Each element is made by hand, from scratch, weaves from tens, sometimes even hundreds of meters of silver wire. The technique is labor-intensive, requires patience and is very time-consuming. Beautiful little things by Jola Gazda can be periodically seen at the world’s best jewelry fairs, including Inhorgenta in Munich. In Poland, at the Amberif fair, Frou Frou collections could also be seen at the fashion shows accompanying the fair. Jan Gazda belongs to the Association of Forms of Goldsmiths and the international organization KLIMT02, associating jewelry designers from around the world.