Aga Sachs

Agnieszka Sachs has realized her interest in designing and creating jewelery during the course at Antidotum. As a graduate, she was included in the group of the Goldsmithing Makers’ Association. She writes about herself: “Creating jewelry gives me a feeling of communing with color, texture and form. It satisfies my need for creativity and creativity as well as continuous development, because many goldsmith techniques discovered before me. Jewelry has always been an attribute of femininity for me and associated with it. Now, however, I focus more on the object itself and its implementation. Buying at the time of work gives me a rest from the pace of life and flood of information, from the often often difficult things that I encounter in the work of the mediator. Communication, conflict resolution and building an agreement is also my area of ​​interest. I am interested in man, his behavior and attitudes in interacting with another human being. In mediation I see a tool for building wise and mature personal and social relationships. From the beginning of my goldsmith’s adventure I am associated with the Antidote Label. It is not only a goldsmith school, but also an environment of committed, creative and kind people, to whom I owe a lot”.