Wytwornia Antidotum studio and equipment

Our spacious studio consists of five rooms: lecture room with a projector, where we hold hobby courses, drawing and Art-Clay classes. There are many specialized tools for all our students to use: a press, a combination ring stretcher/reducer/bender, a grindstone, a polishing machine, a bench drill press, a jeweller’s table saw, torches, vices and guillotine shears. In the engraving, repoussé and chasing workshop you will also find microscopes and tools produced by our partner-manufacturers following our design guidelines. All of needed materials and tools can also be purchased on site, in our shop.

Our studio contains well-equipped library, bar, relaxing space, admin section and a shop where all the necessary materials are stocked. Our uniquely authored manuals and guidebooks are also available on purchase. Our students get a special discount for all the materials.