Recreating historical techniques and works

Historical reenactment course teaches theory and practice of historical techniques and styles for jewellery-making and utilitarian objects.

Tutor: Robert Szklarski

Required skills: none, beginner jewellery makers may also participate

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Price: 1420 USD / 60 hrs (one term)

Term 1, 60 hrs:
covers basic goldsmithing techniques on a basic level (soldering, cutting and piercing, melting and casting, rolling, repoussé basics, texturing basics, patina, coloring of the metal)

Trainees should be able to make their own works such as chains, rings, plates and trays etc. after completing the course.

Term 2, 60 hrs:
depending on the projects carried out, the term covers: riveting, engraving basics, inlaying basics, glass enamels basics, filigree basics, granulation basics. In addition, the programme includes  visits to museum, discussions and source materials enhancing the students’ knowledge about different aspects of goldsmithing over the centuries.

The students get a certificate upon the completion of each term.

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