Inauguration of the Museum of Contemporary Jewelry in Warsaw

Just recently, the Museum of Contemporary Jewelery was created in Warsaw. Located in Koneser Center (former liquor factory),  this new institution on the map of the capital’s galleries opened thanks to the cooperation of the Design Promotion Foundation and the Association Polish Goldsmiths.

The exhibition inaugurating the Museum’s activities presents the works of thirty artists. Among them were graduates of the Wytwórnia Antidotum and two of our excellent teachers: their works were presented by Kacper Schiffers and Marcin Bogusław, as well as Agata Bieńkowska, Beata Ciesielska, Jola Gazda, Waleria Ługowska, Weronika Majewska, Dorota Michalska, Małgosia Podleśna-Zdunek, Kinga Sulej, Martyna Tejwan, Agnieszka Węgier and Anna Życka. This is a great success! We are very pleased that the goldsmith career of these designers had its beginning in our school.

The idea behind the Museum of Contemporary Jewelery is the popularization and presentation of goldsmiths as a field of visual arts. Many of the projects of relatives presented at the exhibition are contemporary sculptures or design projects, differing them, of course – the scale. Here, in small goldsmith forms, you can see the full spectrum of shapes, textures and color. The jewelery presented at the exhibition is made not only of classic precious metals. Often there are copyright solutions, surprising combinations of materials and stones. It is worth taking a look at the works in which amber found itself in the composition: this difficult material, often associated with the less subtle jewelery compositions available in tourist shops, treated here in a way that the untrained eye will not even recognize!

Exhibition “Green Light” is open daily, during the opening hours of the Koneser Praga Center: the center is a new housing estate and shopping center, completed in a former vodka factory. The headquarters will also have cultural institutions, including the gallery of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

The Museum of Contemporary Jewelery, which is freshly opened in this location, is intended by the originators as a unit that will not only integrate the jewelery industry, but will also become a platform for exchange with the creators of other fields. The museum is planning not only exhibitions, but also meetings with artists and lectures – it is worth following their program of events organized by them. The Museum’s calendar is available on Facebook. We hope for further events, especially if teachers, students and graduates of the Wytwórnia Antidotum will take part in them 🙂