Projekty absolwentów kursu projektowania biżuterii w Wytwórni Antidotum

Weronika Majewska started her adventure with jewelery from geological studies, which she decided – as she says – for love of stones. On the path of the artist-goldsmith, she entered Wytwórnia Antidotum School, where she graduated from a professional three-year design course, she was soon accepted as a member of the Goldsmiths’ Association. I am constantly looking for a balance between form and content. Simplicity, minimalism, geometry – that’s what I value and what I try to reflect in my jewelry. I close various forms and shapes in silver, at the same time taking care not to take away the air. Sometimes they are openwork structures made of silver wire or tube, sprinkled with a twinkling zircon here and there. Another time laser-cut or hand-cut patterns made of sheet metal in spatial compositions. However, I always do my best to make my jewelery stand out. I hope that Weronika’s works are presented in the YES and Techne gallery. Her projects were also presented by a new institution on the Polish goldsmith’s map – the Contemporary Jewelery Museum opened in the Praga Koneser Center in Warsaw.