Anna Życka Jewellery

Galeria Absolwentow Wytwórni Antiodotum. Twórcy, którzy ukończyli trzyletni kurs projektowania biżuterii

Anna Życka, a graduate of the three-year jewelery design course at Wytwórnia Antidotum School, successfully carries out her own brand of jewelry. Her designs, made in classic goldsmith techniques, are characterized by colorful enamel. Jewelry by Anna Życka takes shapes inspired by nature, in a modern way exploring the beauty discovered once by Art Nouveau. The recurring motifs are magnolias: soft, smooth shapes of magnolia flower petals are underlined with a delicate, painterly palette of colors fired in the fire of glass enamels. Anna Życka’s jewelry forms are both delicate and full of energy, like nature. The second strong point in her work is the modern art-deco editorial, whose geometric forms perfectly reflect the tradition and character of Polish interwar jewelry. Anna Życka is a member of the Polish Association of Goldsmiths, her works could be seen at exhibitions organized by the famous BWA Gallery in Legnica , as well as the Museum of Contemporary Jewelery opened in April 2019 in the Prague Center Koneser. The author periodically presents her works at important jewelery fairs in Poland and abroad.