Glass enamels

The course of glass enamels focuses on learning how to decorate jewelry surface with coloured glass coating. The colour is obtained here by mixing quartz (glass), water and metal oxides that give colour. This mixture is applied in specifically pre-prepared nests in the metal sheet resembling stained glass. For this reason, glass enamel technique is called cell enamel. To fix the coloured coating, jewelry piece is fired in a high temperature oven.

Required skills: goldsmithing course level 1 or equal

Duration: 10 hrs

Price: 1900PLN.
Materials, except silver, are included in the price. Silver can be bought at the current market price per gram in our shop. You can also bring silver on your own.

Date: you can attend this course in private tuition

Tutor: Anna Życka


  • types of enamels – features
  • materials and tools
  • preparing the base
  • preparing enamels
  • flat surfaces
  • convex surfaces
  • cloisonné

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