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This workshop will give you knowledge on the properties and durability of amber. We will teach you how to process it by cutting, sanding any polishing in order to show you how you can use it in jewelry making. During the workshop we will shape a chunk of amber, then we will drill it and [...]

Amber 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Advanced Goldsmithing Workshop

During this workshop we will show you how to prepare gold alloys on your own and how to make basic gemstone and pearl settings. Beside the theory you will tackle various exercises: Preparing gold alloys: nickel white gold (using ready-made alloying grain), and palladium white gold (from scratch). You will create base pieces from the [...]

Advanced Goldsmithing Workshop 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Lampwork, Murano, Millefiori

Glass beads in different shapes and styles. Individual classes. Required skills: none Duration: 30 hrs (shorter courses are also possible) Dates: to be set individually. Click to write for more information. Price: 1185 USD / 3ohrs, all materials included Tutor: Elisabetta Cappello Syllabus: - Preliminary introduction and fundamental notions on glass, equipment, tools and safety - [...]

Lampwork, Murano, Millefiori 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Steel Workshop

This workshop will present you with the use of steel in jewelry making. You will learn how to join steel with precious metals, how to finish your pieces and how to adorn steel surfaces. Beside the theory, you will tackle four exercises: Joining steel with silver elements (ring with a steel base) Drilling and threading [...]

Steel Workshop 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Casting workshop

During this workshop we will show you how to prepare and cast your own silver piece. Aside from giving you the theory, the workshop will consist of three main parts: Making a wax model to be cast using the lost wax casting method, Making a unique casting with carved cuttlebone, Making a casting of an [...]

Casting workshop 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Engraving Basics

The course teaches the process of incising a design onto a surface. Required skills: none Duration: 20h Dates: click to ask for available dates Price: 499 USD Tutor: Robert Szklarski Programme: introduction to materials and tools straight lines, curves relief engraving on various metals introduction to inlaying Click here to enrol Find out more about the courses in our [...]

Engraving Basics 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Recreating historical techniques and works

Historical reenactment course teaches theory and practice of historical techniques and styles for jewellery-making and utilitarian objects. Tutor: Robert Szklarski Required skills: none, beginner jewellery makers may also participate Date: click to ask for more information Price: 1420 USD / 60hrs (one term) Term 1, 6o hrs: covers basic goldsmithing techniques on a basic level (soldering, cutting [...]

Recreating historical techniques and works 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Repousee and chasing basics

Repousse is one of the oldest decorative techniques. Flat sheets of bronze, copper and silver are shaped by hammering the reverse side to create a shallow or deep relief design. During this 4-day course you will learn basic methods and get familiar with common tools. Required skills: basic metal forming skills Duration: 30hrs (6 days) Price: 595 USD When: (click to ask for [...]

Repousee and chasing basics 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Glass enamels

A stained-glass like technique used to dye a surface of an object. Required skills: goldsmithing course level 1 or equal Duration: 20hrs Price: 499 USD Date: (click to ask about available dates and pricing) Tutor: Robert Szklarski Programme: types of enamels – features materials and tools preparing the base preparing enamels flat surfaces convex surfaces cloisonné Click to enrol [...]

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Robert Szklarski

Robert is a great enthusiast of old goldsmithing techniques – he applies them in his work. Robert creates everyday use utilitarian objects and jewellery for historical reenactment groups. History is his passion - Robert studied Mediterranean Archeology. He is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers – the Polish Applied Art. Robert [...]

Robert Szklarski 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Goldsmithing course

Professional Goldsmithing Course Programme Our goldsmithing course here at Antidotum Studio lets you acquire professional jewellery making skills. The course programme covers technical aspects (processing and use of precious and base metals as well as coloured gems in jewellery making) and the key basics of ergonomics and design. Our trainees have [...]

Goldsmithing course 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Roman Kowalkowski

A fine artist, Roman was trained in Precision Mechanics. He has been certified as a trained Tutor by the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (Polish Applied Art – Art Jewellery). Throughout his jewellery-making career, Roman has collaborated with ORNO jewellery artisans’ cooperative, The foundation Cepelia, Polish Art and Handicraft and KANON cooperative. He has [...]

Roman Kowalkowski 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Remek Grodzicki

Trained photographer and historian, Remigiusz Grodzicki has been working as a jewellery artist since 1997. Remigiusz owns a goldsmithing studio. He joined the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association in 2000, then joined the Association’s Board in 2007. Remigiusz has participated and won in many prestigious exhibitions and contests. Also, he was appointed the contest commissaire for Presentations [...]

Remek Grodzicki 2017-10-09T10:42:59+00:00

Dorota Michalska

Dorota is the Antidotum graduate. She has been a member of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association since 2012. She specialises in silver jewellery including ceramics, pearls, cubic zirconias and felt. She collaborates with various galleries in Poland and abroad. She is a member of the 4WOMAN creative group. Dorota teaches: ceramics workshops felt – basic level [...]

Dorota Michalska 2014-12-10T18:58:57+00:00

Kacper Schiffers

Kacper graduated from Jewellery Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He is a member of the Polish Gemmological Association. A qualified diamond appraiser and coloured gemstone expert. He designs and produces jewellery as well as functional forms. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and contests in Poland as well as the abroad [...]

Kacper Schiffers 2014-12-10T18:58:26+00:00

Piotr Małysz

Piotr is an acknowledged art jewellery designer. He first started in the industry in the 80s. Since then he has participated in over 50 prestigious exhibitions in Poland as well as the abroad and showcased his work at jewellery and gem fairs around the world. Piotr’s jewellery is presented in top galleries in Poland, Scandinavia, [...]

Piotr Małysz 2014-09-30T22:51:48+00:00

Paulina Tyro-Niezgoda

Paulina graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she obtained her MA diploma with distinction at the Exhibition Design Studio. She received the Ministry of Culture Scholarship in 2007. She collaborates with Zachęta Gallery of Art and the National Museum in Warsaw. She also creates book and visual identity design. Paulina teaches: [...]

Paulina Tyro-Niezgoda 2014-09-30T22:53:40+00:00

Jarosław Westermark

Jarosław Westermark is an exceptional designer of unique art jewellery. He is considered the grand master of Polish goldsmithing. With 30 years of experience acquired in Poland and abroad Jarosław boasts numerous prestigious awards, exhibitions and showcases. Accuracy and precision in making complex objects meet his innovative visionary approach. Jarosław teaches: goldsmithing – term 6 [...]

Jarosław Westermark 2014-09-30T22:52:19+00:00