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Antidotum is the first private goldsmithing school in post-war Poland. Since 2006 we have been educating people for whom jewellery manufacturing is not only a craft but also a pure joy of creation and self-expression.

Meet the Antidotum Tutors

About Our School

What do the graduates think about our courses and workshops? 


I really enjoyed murano-millefiori glassbead workshop with Elisabetta Cappello. Everything was explained clearly and I had a lot of time to practice under her supervision. The workshop was leaded in english.
I’m a fan of creative classes with Paulina. In Antidotum Jewellery School we not only learn the technique but also the design-thinking approach. It’s all about the design process which should focus on experimenting and testing rather than fullfilling the task step by step. We talk about inspiration and how to generate and select ideas. All in the context of art and culture.
Photography workshop with Bartek Zaranek is a must-do! I’m not an experienced photographer, so I needed a basic tutorial. I’ve got it, but it was a lot more. In just two days I was instructed how to make a satisfactory catalogue photography of my works with just the basic studio equipment I have available. I highly recommend this workshop to every jewellery maker responsible for the image of her/his brand!  
Who is my favourite tutor in Wytwórnia Antidotum and why is it Robert Szklarski? I really admire his knowledge and passion for craft. Anyone who met Robert knows that two-hour lecture is far to short to share all the information he has on any subject… If I had a chance to study history with him in college, my career might have turned totally different direction. Workshops with Robert are unique: you can learn how to make renaissance and baroque jewlery pieces as well as practice classical japanese techniques.  Truly UNIQUE.
My absolute  dream-team: Remek Grodzicki and Piotr Małysz. Not only they are talented and renown jewellery makers, but also they have this incredible sense of humor!