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Established in 2006, we have set ourselves as pioneers of private Jewellery Design Schools in Poland.

Interested in making jewellery? Come and visit our studio in Warsaw! You can join the course at any time!

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“Jewellery Design – an antidote for everyday hassles”

Jewellery Design Course is a perfect antidote to everyday hassles. We believe that staying focused at manual work in a creative environment is an antidote to today’s rush and lonely hours spent in front of the computer screen. That is why we called our school The Antidote Manufacture! And what do our gratuates think abou designing jewellery?

Designing and manufacturing jewellery gave me plenty of joy and made me aware of my creative spirits. Even though created in not quite womanly conditions, jewellery is an inherent attribute of femininity. I want my work to help women discover their originality and all the joy that comes with it.You don’t discover passion, you make it. Jewellery design is comprised of beauty, form, colour and texture. It has become my way of life and it started in Antidotum Studio.
AGA SACHS, agasachs.pl
I was looking for something that would help me relax and get away from my regular schedule. Eventually, I joined a jewellery design course. Acquiring new skills, step by step, felt very fulfilling and engaging. By joining the classes at Antidotum Studio I have not only started a new hobby but I also came across some new inspiring and creatively motivating people. With time my hobby turned into passion and, then, my main occupation – also, I became a member of Goldsmithing Artists’ Association. I design and showcase my work, I sell my products and … still learn hoping to pass on this positive obsession to others.
DOROTA MICHALSKA, dorotamichalska.pl
Professionally I would always revolve around handwork activities. Having gone on a rather long holiday at some point in my life, I suddenly realised I am simply addicted to creative action. I played with various fabrics, creating simple jewellery but soon I found myself thinking it’s not enough and that some professional support. This is how I found myself in Antidotum where I learnt some basic goldsmithing techniques.I had an opportunity to meet interesting people and have a closer look at specialists at work. A couple of years passed since I graduated from the Jewellery Design course, yet I can still count on my tutors’ friendly advice…
JOLA GAZDA, frou-frou.com.pl
 I’ve been learning a little bit of traditional stuff in Wytwórnia Antidotum jewellery making school, under guidance of WONDERFUL Robert Szklarski. What I loved the most was one day we spent doing repousse and chasing – it was SO MUCH fun. I LOVE this technique!
ANNA MAZOŃ, drakonaria